Russell Rescue of Tennessee was formed in 2008, by Mary Ruth Rogers of Columbia, TN to save small abused, injured and elderly dogs that are typically overlooked by other rescues in shelters in Tennessee.  Since then, we have grown every year into an organization with volunteers in several states across the South that saved well over 400 dogs in 2014 alone.  We hope to continue to grow and save more and more lives in the future.

Russell Rescue of Tennessee holds weekly adoption events at Petsmart in Spring Hill Tennessee, as well as attending other special events in Middle Tennessee. Our goal is to find loving forever homes for all the dogs we touch. If we rescue a dog, we will spend as long as it takes to find that home,

The $200 adoption fee we charge is based solely on our expenses for having a normal dog examined, vaccinated, spayed/neutered and microchipped. It does not cover the costs of shelter pull fees, transportation, food or any special medical treatment the dogs we rescue may need. All of these expenses as well as all cost incurred as part of adoption activities are funded by donations from our supporters like you. It has been thanks to the generosity of our donors that we have been able to save many dogs with terrible injuries or illnesses that would have died alone in a shelter without us.